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by Péau Bruno 23. October 2011 22:16

To help users of TeamAddins, I started to write a little HowTo to start with this addins for monodevelop. You can find the first step in my pages.



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Monodevelop 2,8 is out, TeamAddins also

by Péau Bruno 6. October 2011 10:09

New version for monodevelop release. TeamAddins 2.8.

You can donwload here or use Monodevelop repository

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MonoDevelop | TeamAddins | tfs

Thank you Steve, RIP

by Péau Bruno 6. October 2011 10:08
[No text]



TeamAddins from Addins Manager

by Péau Bruno 4. October 2011 10:14

You can now use addin manager from Monodevelop to get new version of Team Addins and get information about new version. Some screen to show you how to do that ... 

For monoDevelop 2.8 beta 3

Only change 2.8 to 2.6 if you use MonoDevelop 2.6.


After installation :

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MonoDevelop | tfs | TeamAddins

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