TeamAddins and noLock option v2.8.6.6

by Péau Bruno 17. April 2012 10:02


I'm still alive, and give to you a new TeamAddins version with lot of work.

What's working

  • New CheckOut command to mimic Visual Studio (I have got a lot of question about how checkOut with TeamAddins)
  • Correcting lot of bug with Tfs connection (because a mac computer name is not always a netbios name)
  • Addes in SourceControl messages informations about TFS return code (why i cannot checkout, checkin, ...)
  • Added 'preference panel' to select new options for TeamAddins
  • Added option 'Allow modify unlocked files'. Now you can checkout whitout locking file in TFS
  • Addes option 'Auto lock file when checkout' to disable the autoLock file when checkout
  • Added 'Check all' and 'unCheck all' button in pending change to help checkin files
  • Added 'Resolve' button in pending change to resolve conflict when two user modify the same file in TFS. Popup a Merge dialog to resolve and store modifications.
  • Corrected the 'Change', 'and 'Log' pane to correctly view history of changeSet
  • Added column inpending change to see version of local file and version of server file
  • Implemented the 'conflict' overlay icon to see conflict whit files
  • Implemented the 'lock' and 'noLock' overlay icon to see if file is locked or should be
  • Added a command to checkout project file (csproj) or checkout all the files in project or solution

Not working until now

  • tfsPreview not working. I was unable to show web page from monodevelop to get security token from windows live (only webbrowser trouble in monodevelop, need help on that)
  • workItem tracking not fully fonctionnal, i remove the command from this version, i hope to resolve issues in few days
  • Connecting to two or more tfs repository at the same time
As always, you can get this update from addins manager in monodevelop (use ) in add-in repositorymanagement


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