Compatibility with monodevelop

by Péau Bruno 8. November 2011 15:10

Oups Xamarin make somes change in version control with monodevelop .... and teamAddins stop fonctionning. I update the Addins v2.8.6.2 to solve trouble. Go to repository.

Sorry for that, and ... xamarin, don't change too often your versionControl.dll .... please



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How to

by Péau Bruno 23. October 2011 22:16

To help users of TeamAddins, I started to write a little HowTo to start with this addins for monodevelop. You can find the first step in my pages.



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MonoDevelop | TeamAddins | tfs

Monodevelop 2,8 is out, TeamAddins also

by Péau Bruno 6. October 2011 10:09

New version for monodevelop release. TeamAddins 2.8.

You can donwload here or use Monodevelop repository

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MonoDevelop | TeamAddins | tfs

First version of Team Explorer Addins is here

by Péau Bruno 25. September 2011 10:00

I release the first version of my addins for monodevelop.

Look the Team Explorer, to make get, and connect to TFS server

and the pending change pad, to checkin (commit) your changes

You can try it :

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MonoDevelop | tfs

MonoDevelop and TFS (team Foundation Server)

by Péau Bruno 10. September 2011 09:45

Today, i search on the web to start my addins vor monodevelop, fournd OpenTF but not enough for me, i WANT integration like visual studio. so, OK, looking in monodevelop source tree and start with svn source to make my addins to TFS.

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MonoDevelop | tfs

MonoDevelop, cool

by Péau Bruno 4. September 2011 09:39

I donwload MonoDevelop and give it a try, cool to make CSharp on my mac. I started my first Hello World on IPhone and work great ... to be continued.

Infortunaly i lose Team Foundation Server, i use it in my compagny and i want to share source. I try team server everywhere but not easy, i want the same integration than visual studio, sniff.

May i start working on addins for monodevelop to integrate TFS.

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