Little HowTo - Step 1 - Create repository

Step by step how to configure TFS TeamAddins to work on your mac.

Step 1 : Add new repository

A repository is the definition of three things : Server, User AND workspace.

  • Server should be the URL of your TFS webServer. For example something like this Url it's by default on TFS and can access to your default collection (if you don't know what is collection, don't worry and use like this). If you have some collections in your TFS, you can add at the end the name of your collection, exactly like the URL you use in your web browser to connect to TFS on the Web. If my collection is C04 , i can use to connect to this C04 collection.
  • User should be your domain AND your domainName, if you don't have domain, you should use the workgroup of your installed TFS server. Domain is mandatory, for example MyDomain\My UserName. The password will be asked latter to connect to TFS
  • workspace !! A lot of people don't know what is workspace, and they say's 'we don't have workspace in visual studio' ? Of course you have workspace in visual studio, but it create the workspace automaticaly with your computer name. Visual don't ask anything and you can only have ONE workspace on ONE computer. With TeamAddins you can have more than one workspace on one computer. In a lot of case, you only need one workspace, but sometime ....
So, how i do that in monodevelop and TeamAddins ?
Some screen to help :
When you have TeamAddins installed, you have on item more in your monodevelop menu


Now select 'Team SourceExplorer' and you should have this

With your mouse, right click and selected 'add repository'


And now you should have this dialog 

You have now to fill Name (Workspace name) MANDATORY !!! and the URL. When the URL are correct, you can also fill User.

BE SURE TO CLICK ON Connect to authenticate with TFS, it will ask you your password and negociate with the server the right credentials.

After that, click on OK and if the workspace doesn't exist on the server, it will ask you if you want to create it



We finish with the step one ... tomorrow the end .... how to add working folder and make the initial Get latest version.

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